Man is like a mine full of precious jewels, which he himself can promote.

(according to Prof. Dr. med. Nossrat Peseschkian)


Identifying the qualities of people and using them in the development and expansion of their abilities is a foundation of my human image.

Anyone who uses his own strength and creativity in self-responsibility for himself and for his environment can accieve his personal maximum quality of life.
All feeling, thinking and acting are connected with meaning for each individual.
It is to be found, understood and implemented in a constructive way.
So there is for each person his individual development and solution.

Man is like a mine full of precious jewels, which he himself can promote.

(according to Prof. Dr. med. Nossrat Peseschkian)


The approach of depth psychology is the basis of my psychotherapeutic work.
Techniques and background of the following forms of psychotherapy are also used: traumatherapy, body therapy, gestalt therapy, relaxation procedures and systemic positioning.

These are the settings you can choose:

  • individual psychotherapy – for outpatient treatable mental disorders
  • psychotherapy for couples
  • group psychotherapy
  • family psychotherapy
  • child- and youth psychotherapy – for outpatient treatable mental disorders

Anyone who has lost the path, has the possibility
to reset the course of his life.

trauma consultation

After twenty years of experience in advising individuals and companies in traumatizing crises, I offer the following formats for coping with:

  • Concept development and training of employees of various companies, who are willing to assist and support traumatized customers and collegues.
  • Conduction of trauma consultations
  • Briefings, debriefings and accompaniment of trauma attendants before, during and after their work; individually and in groups
  • Consultation of the crisis-management-staff in companies

Each symptom has it´s function – if we do not cope, we compensate and thereby create a balance for what is not lived


As an accredited supervisor of the psychotherapeutic chamber of Hessen and the German specialist for depth psychology (DFT), I offer supervision in the medical, psychological, pedagogical and entrepreneurial environment.

You can choose the following supervision forms:

Single supervision

  • as a process of professional support
  • in the context of initial and continuing vocational training

Group- or team-supervision

  • for case studies
  • for clarification processes in the team
  • for mental hygiene in professional everyday life

One can stand on one´s point of view,
but should not remain sitting on it.

(according to  Erich Kästner)


In the coaching process the important knowledge and fields of experience of the coachee will be defined and linked so that an individual overall concept is created for one´s own field of effectiveness.

In the sense of a „basket of goods“ the methods, exercises and techniques that are helpful for this purpose are compiled and used for the goal achievement.

The decisive factor for an effective occurence is not only one’s knowledge- the more congruent a person is, the more successful his action


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